We are hiring: WebDev Ops Manager

This position has been filled as of March 1, 2017. However, if you have interest in working with us we want to hear from you. Send your coverletter, resume and your StrengthsFinder Top-5 Strengths Report to us at careers@mcnary.me and we’ll review.


If you are a freelancers or contractor currently (or considering it) feel free to reach out. That is how McNary Marketing & Design was started and we love supporting friends doing the same, plus we often work with the best talent we can find on efforts where we need extra hands. Reach out to discuss how you can become one of our certified contractors.

Do you have base skills in web development and project management while also looking for a huge growth opportunity with a growing business? Heck yes?! You’ll want to read on…

What is this Opportunity?

As a part of McNary Marketing, you’ll be working with a team of Marketing Technology innovators filling the needs of today’s modern business people. Fueled by our passion to serve others and allow them to grow, you’ll get to work with passionate companies looking to up their game using the best tools, tactics, and strategies in marketing available today.

The WebDev Ops Manager role sits at the cross-section of our growing company. Your role is to serve as dispatcher, doer, and linch-pin for webdev related projects inside the company.

This is a fast-paced, high-energy, deadline-driven position in an entrepreneurial environment. The benefits of this is you’ll rarely be bored, be able to offer (& implement) your ideas to improve things, and have growth opportunities going.

This role is on location in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It is a full-time employee position. However, work locations and times are flexible (including some work from home or remote). Typically hours are a flexible 8am to 5pm CST, Monday-Friday. This position is measured on accomplishing core work & project tasks vs. hours clocked. As needed, there may be work hours on evenings and weekends during a project launches, emergency work, deadline driven work, or special events.

McNary Marketing operates in Cedar Rapids’ entrepreneurial hub of Vault Coworking & Collaboration Space of which you will become a member. This includes 24/7 access, the fastest internet in town, all-you-can-eat coffee-soda-cereal-fruit-etc., special events & trainings, amazing networking, and more. Learn more…

Along with flexible work schedules, Vault membership, and a dynamite work experience, McNary Marketing offers competitive salary per experience, incentives per company growth, training opportunities, access to core employee benefits for those eligible, and more.

Get to know McNary Marketing & Design

  • Proactive web developmentMcNary Marketing helps businesses discover & implement the best marketing & sales technology, so they can sell more while doing less. We allow each business to utilize the best technology for their situation, work, and mission.
  • Our team is small but growing. We have a few core employees, led by our founder — Joshua McNary. This is complemented with around a dozen certified-trusted contractors.
  • We have had continued growth over the last three years of the company’s existence and aim to speed this growth going forward.
  • We value future-thinking, consider clients as partners, require trust in all transactions, look to stay organized, stay informed, and strive for quality.
  • There are three major types of work produced by our Marketing Technology firm: proactive web development/websites, sales & marketing systems configuration & integrations, and digital marketing efforts.
  • We are not a marketing agency — instead our efforts focus on supporting modern business people looking to utilize the best tools, tactics, and strategies in today’s marketing landscape. We enable & assist in these efforts first with trustworthy education, then with project work and support.
  • We work embedded in Cedar Rapids’ rapidly-evolving entrepreneurial ecosystem. We enjoy contributing and doing our part to support this community both personally and professionally at Vault Co-working.
  • We have a footprint in various national markets and have worked with numerous companies across the United States (plus some international).

Roles & Responsibilities

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We expect the roles and responsibilities of this position to evolve over time, in part to ensure your skills and interests grow with us while also matching our entrepreneurial efforts.

  1. Project Management: Will set up and manage projects and staff/contractors, focusing on tasking, accountability, and deadlines for projects. Will apply modern project management tactics (agile/scrum, etc.) and tools (Teamwork, Trello, Slack, etc.). Will have direct client contact. Work with contractors on such efforts as needed.
  2. Web Development: Complete and support web development efforts including working with HTML, CSS, JS, and/or related web programming. Significant amounts, but not all, of this work will be accomplished using custom WordPress installs.
  3. Marketing: Involved in the distillation of marketing content from clients of contractors (& internal) to implement into websites, client systems, or otherwise. At times, your marketing and content knowledge/ideas will be utilized.
  4. Digital Marketing: Complete or assist with email, social, mobile, SEO, PPC, and other current marketing campaigns.
  5. Technology Junkie: Stay up on current technology trends, cloud based marketing and business tools, and enjoy sharing these findings with others.



  • Google Analytics - via www.pexels.comSelf Starter & Manager: We need someone who takes initiative, anticipates needs, and gets stuff done on-time.
  • Tech Proficient: The ability to embrace and learn new technology quickly is essential. If comfortable working with Apple devices you have a head start.
  • Responsive/Productivity: Ability to manage various inputs via email, chat, phone, in-person and reply to internal and client needs in reasonable timeframes.
  • Detail-Oriented: There are many moving pieces in business. We want someone comfortable managing evolving processes. Our business requires delivering excellent work on time while managing multiple projects and deadlines.
  • Decisive: Though management is always available, we want someone comfortable making mid-level decisions and judgment calls.
  • Strive For Excellence: We want to exceed expectations in everything we do and reflect positively on the company.
  • Great-Attitude: Our employees have a positive attitude on life, are fun to be around, and do not complain, make excuses, or gossip. We are always looking for win-win-wins, not fights. We deal with disagreements, not run from them.
  • Trustworthy: Employees are trustworthy to each other, clients, and others. Even if to a fault, if that means we lose an opportunity, etc.


  • Stop the email madness! (photo via pexels)Bachelor’s Preferred: Degree in IT, WebDev, Marketing and/or Business is a plus, but not required if you have the skills and/or the right personality.
  • Experience:
    • 2-4 years professional experience preferred.
    • Junior to intermediate web development experience including modern HTML, CSS, JS, and/or related web programming. PHP/MySQL/jQuery/etc. knowledge a plus. WordPress management and development experience preferred.
    • Experience setting up and managing projects and staff/contractors, focusing on tasking, accountability, and deadlines for projects.
    • Working knowledge of modern project management tactics (agile/scrum, etc.) and tools (Teamwork, Slack, etc.).
  • Productivity: Comfortable managing volumes of inputs (email, chat, in-person), good productivity/tasking habits. Ability to manage multiple projects/deadlines at once.
  • MarTech Interest: Interested in and/or experience with marketing technology. Up on the latest marketing & technology trends along with their best practices.

Important Note: We are open to the professional experience level and skill set of the person who will eventually have this role. Regardless of skill level, we want to train and mentor you to grow. The person’s personality is more important. They should have an entrepreneurial mindset, ambition to grow personally and professionally, and believes in what McNary Marketing is about. If you fit this criteria, apply.


Compensation, benefits, bonuses, and other perks will be negotiated based on experience and candidate needs.

How to Apply

To apply, submit the following documents/information (PDF format or weblinks) to careers@mcnary.me:

  1. Cover letter or “cover email”
  2. Your resume
  3. 3 personal or professional references
  4. Up to 3 blog articles or writing samples you have completed in last year
  5. Up to 5 websites/case studies of web/marketing/tech projects you have completed in last year
  6. Your StrengthsFinder Top-5 Strengths Report

Important Note: Timeline for this hire is flexible and we’ll await the right person at the right time. Apply anytime, now or later. We don’t plan on taking this post down anytime soon.

Apply Now

Do you want to work in an entrepreneurial environment, be on the cutting edge of marketing and technology, and help other businesses grow while learning and growing your career along the way? Then please apply.


McNary Marketing & Design LLC
Last Updated: January 26, 2017

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