Welcome Jon Kohlmeier, our new WebDev Operations Manager!

New role will allow McNary Marketing and Design to grow current and new offerings, plus educational efforts

Jon Kohlmeier, via LinkedInWe are excited to announce the hiring of Jon Kohlmeier as Web Development Operations Manager. The role, which is part project manager and part web developer, will allow McNary Marketing to better serve our clients in a number of ways. As we continue to grow he will allow us to continue our traditional fast response times and proactive project efforts, but also allow new offerings, packages, additional educational content, and more advanced project capabilities than we have been able to produce in the past.

Beyond what is means for us and our clients, we are also jazzed we have acquired a talented and versatile staff member you are going to love working with. Jon has formal educational and real world experience serving in “IT helpdesk” roles, which will serve clients well and go along with McNary Marketing’s goals of both serving and educating the customer. Plus, Jon has marketing, web development, server-side, and general computer aptitudes which give him the skills to allow him to bolster Joshua’s marketing technology framework. Never mind, Jon is a trustworthy and calming voice when it comes to technology’s best uses in our world.

If you already work with McNary Marketing you’ll likely be connecting with Jon on forthcoming work. But don’t worry — Joshua is not going anywhere and will continue “getting dirty” on client projects.

Further, Joshua will be reinvesting in producing educational material for all those in earshot — giving you the resources to know what is next coming up next in sales & marketing tech. Meanwhile, Joshua, Jon and our team of contractors will help us do more for clients than we ever have before, plus provide new offerings not envisioned before.

Welcome Jon Kohlmeier to the McNary Marketing & Design LLC team! You can reach Jon via this contact form to say hello or to contact him as needed. With his help we are looking forward to making more win-win-wins for our clients, their customers, and our communities. Onward and upward!

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