Why We Create Here – Iowa’s Creative Corridor

We Create HereToday I attended the launch luncheon for Iowa’s Creative Corridor’s “Why We Create Here” campaign. This initiative’s goal is to expose the stories, ideas, talent, and passion in east central Iowa’s business, entrepreneurs, and cultural communities. I appreciate these efforts, as a proud professional, creative, midwesterner, and Iowan.

The longterm success of this project will depend on it bringing out our latent perceptions, talent, and ideas to allow the Creative Corridor to grow.  I think it can, if we as “doers” in the community “do” and allow the business community to organically develop.  This project allows us to focus on what is great about our community and get inspired, but our making it happen is the real test of the Corridor’s capacity for sustainable expansion. It is possible… even likely, based on the smart people I know in the area.

To learn more, checkout the project’s site at http://creativecorridor.co and also see the excellent video (embedded) produced to bring the people and stories of the area to life.

P.S. I also added the “Proudly Created in Iowa’s Creative Corridor” banner to my page. You should as well.

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