My New Direction & Dream: Your Marketing Technologist

“All our dreams can come true — if we have the courage to pursue them.” — Walt Disney

I’m excited to tell you that I’m following a new dream. I’ve changed my role at Aerial Services and am moving on to expand my own business — McNary Marketing & Design LLC. While I will continue working with Aerial Services in a more limited capacity, I’ve made the decision to “hire myself” and embrace my own entrepreneurial genes in 2014.

Burning The Midnight Oil For Clients — Since 2006

Over the past eight years I have completed projects for friends, family, and past colleagues who needed my marketing expertise. Print ads, direct mail, websites, and marketing plans were the moonlighting items I would complete on their behalf. What a wonderful experience it was to lend my help to people in need of my skill set.  However, in the last year something changed — more and more referrals came to my desk.  I had to start to push out projects or pass them up completely.  At the same time, I also noticed these clients’ needs were more than just a one-off marketing campaigns. In today’s complex digital marketing landscape, clients needed strategies, integrations, and systems to allow them to maximize their marketing affect.

Navigating Digital Landscape & Implementing Solutions For You

In the next phase of my work I’ll be combining both my business and marketing acumen alongside my technical, creative, and design aptitudes to help people find solutions to their real-world business problems. Today is an evermore digitized world. Businesses, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, or anyone looking to market their products or ideas need to know how to market in addition to navigating the technology needed to make their message heard, sell product, and win hearts and minds. My background is uniquely positioned to help these people, and perhaps you, through the various software solutions and marketing methodologies I have experience developing.  With my help my clients can leverage the enormous marketing toolbox available to them which they may not otherwise have the time or knowledge to take advantage of.

Your Marketing Technologist: Meshing Strategy, Tech, & Savvy

I consider myself a marketing technologist. I mesh business strategy, technology, and corporate savvy with entrepreneurial passion to provide solutions to clients’ problems. After over a decade of working in nonprofit and then the corporate world, I have collected actionable knowledge about business, marketing, design, and web development which can help small- and medium-sized business, non-profits, start-ups, and organizations.  In recent years, both for my employer and consulting clients, I have done extensive work developing brands, marketing workflows, and business solutions.  This often takes the form of helping them develop marketing materials, sales and lead generation processes, interactive websites, and business plans.  My most valued selling point is how I work alongside of clients in an honest and ethical way to help them grow. 

Sample McNary Marketing & Design LLC Solutions Include:

  • Marketing/Sales Strategy
  • Sales Lead Automation
  • Customer Relationship Management Systems
  • Web Design/Development/Coding
  • WordPress & Content Management Systems
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Emerging Technology/Service Implementation
  • Graphic Design
  • Podcasting/Audio
  • Screencasting/Video
  • Web Mapping Solutions
  • Event Planning & Meetings
  • Productivity Advisory & Audits

You Can Follow Along — For Free

You can access my work and ideas by visiting my “relaunched” marketing technology blog at I’ll be posting regular print & video tips & tricks, reviews, links, and information relating to business, marketing, technology, design, and the web. You can also signup for my e-newsletter in which I will regularly aggregate the best of my content for your inbox. I promise not to overload your inbox & I always include an unsubscribe button if you need it. Go ahead, subscribe to the blog enewsletter!

An Expert Is On Call

If you or someone you know have a current marketing or business problem in need of a solution, consider giving me a call. I would be honored to help you with solutions of allowing you to better communicate your ideas, market to the world, and be more efficient while doing it.  I’m looking forward for to hearing from and reconnecting many in my network over the coming months.

Thanks & Let’s Go!

Thanks to everyone who has supported me as I have charted this course!  I am looking forward to this journey.  I hope you will join me in it.

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