Marketing, Sales, & Productivity: Presentation Double Dip

Image above via Nick Palatiello and @MAPPSorg.

Last week at the 2014 MAPPS Winter Conference at the beautiful Lodge at Torrey Pines along the Pacific Ocean, I had the honor to present two talks to the leaders of numerous geospatial mapping firms.  I was pleased to attend and represent my friends at Aerial Services. It was a a lot of fun and the questions I received from attendees after the talks were great.

Marketing & Sales: difference & why

The first of the talks was as part of a panel on “Marketing Budgets” where myself, Atlantic’s Brian Mayfield, and Dewberry’s Phil Thiel shared our prospective on considering the ins and outs of allotting cash for marketing. My talk titled “Marketing & Sales: difference & why” focused on the roles, goals, and budget authority of marketing vs. budgeting. I’ve found the distinction between this two phases of the lead-prospect-client funnel are often muddled. Small, medium, and even large businesses tend to group all marketing and sales into one group (usually calling it “sales”).  This tends to over emphasize the direct sales process vs. the initial stages of attracting a buyer in the first place (which if done right can lead to easier sales). Companies not seeing this difference lose effectiveness of marketing and sales because they unequally yoke the activities needed to be completed by both.

See the presentation slides below to get more of a flavor for the talk. Let me know if you have questions in the comments or via email.

Hack Your Productivity & Get More Done

My second talk was on the topic of “Hack Your Productivity & Get More Done” and was aimed at helped the audience consider better personal systems to be more efficient in life and work.  My walk through personal productivity systems has had me see a number of systems be successful and be let downs.  Simple lists, Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits,” David Allen’s “Getting Things Done,” and “The Pomodoro Technique” are just a few of the systems I have used and abused. I address these in the talk.

I intend to write more on all of these systems here on this blog, but to get a taste see the presentation below. Feel free to shoot me a comment or email with any questions.

The MAPPS Winter event was great and it was wonderful to be able to share some my knowledge with the crowd. Hopefully you will be able to use the slide decks here for some insight as well.

Share Comment or Ask Questions

  • ∙ How do you view marketing and sales?  What does each do or not do?
  • ∙ Are marketing and sales the same, different, connected, or separate at in our business?
  • ∙ What is your productivity hacks to get you through your day?
  • ∙ Do you use a formal productivity system, technology, or habits to be more efficient?


P.S. If in San Diego…

If you are ever in San Diego make a trip to the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, just north of the Lodge and famous golf course at Torrey Pines. A fun and challenging hike, yet manageable for the able bodied, through arid territory leads down to the cliffs and beach at the Pacific’s edge. It is quintessential California coast. See some pictures below of my hike. It was wonderful for this midwesterner to get outside in the middle of winter!

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