Take the Leap, a Step-by-Step Process Wrapup

On March 26, 2014, I presented to a room full of entrepreneurial souls interested in my story from my corporate position to self-employment. The event was part of Vault Co-working’s Startup School. This was a great chance for me take a moment, consider how and why I had come to my current place in life, and share those experiences with others interested in following my path. Thanks to those who came up and expressed interest.

Taking the Leap

Vault Startup School:
Lunch w/ Joshua McNary [Beta]: Take the Leap, a Step-by-Step Process

Key Points

The key points of my talk for those considering self-employment included:

  • * Is your job Your life? Is your Life your Job? Why can’t they be the same – your LIFE.
  • * The Epiphany: There is no such thing as real job security
  • * Ask for help discovering your path and get mentors
  • * Keep open mind on your business ideas and self image, stretch for success
  • * Break down your and others objections one by one
  • * Get total buyin from those closest to you – they are the ones who will pick you up when you fall
  • * Do as much as you can moonlighting prior to acting: planning, side work, marketing, systems, & networking
  • * Don’t burn bridges at current employer — be thankful and loyal
  • * Have faith, see “Do Not Be Anxious” scripture (Matthew 6:25-34)
  • * Take action now, be flexible & adapt, follow your passions, trust & grow


The event was livestreamed the day of the event, so there is a recording available for you to watch.


You can access the slides for this event (and others I have produced) on Slideshare.net. You can get the slide notes as a PDF via this download link.

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