Heartbleed Hack Means You Need To Change Your Passwords

Last week a major security breach in OpenSSL was revealed. While the term OpenSSL probably does not mean much to you, the hack does. Most all of the online services and sites you use employ OpenSSL in some way to secure your information. Depending on websites’ configurations your data, passwords, and credit cards information may have been or are now exposed.

Just because it may have been exposed does not mean you are in any immediate danger from hackers, but as precaution many web services and websites are advising you update your passwords after they patch the problems.  Below are a number of links which I found useful in considering which passwords I needed to change and which were most urgent to do so.

What You Should Do

You should change your Google/Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and Dropbox account passwords right now. Then research other sites you use whom may have been effected. 

Also, I suggest you get a password manager program to help you have unique and strong passwords for every site you use.  This Heartbleed hack is an ideal example of why you need such a system in place!

Don’t delay and regret it.  Update your passwords and consider a password manager today!  Stay save out there on the inter-webs.

Information & Links

About Heartbleed

Sites Affected (Change Your Passwords)

Test To See If A Site Is Currently Affected

Password Managers

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  • Lisa Hamm

    Heard you on the radio this morning and appreciated the Heartbleed advice and information!

    • Joshua McNary [Beta]

      Thanks for listening Lisa! Stay safe out there on the interwebs!

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