“Heartbleed & Password Practices” radio appearance on WMT600AM

On Monday, April 14, I made an appearance on WMT600AM radio out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This is the second time I was on Doug Wagner‘s new show called “What’s Happening?” Doug has me on to discuss marketing and technology topics; this time we talked about the Heartbleed computer security bug and password security for your various accounts.  It was fun and I hope folks gained insight in staying safe online from listening to it.

The audio is now online in case you missed it. You can listen to via the embed below (I’m the first guest in the hour) or you can download a MP3 clip of just my appearance.  Also, I created my own Heartbleed bug link page to help you consider changing your passwords in response to the issue and also encourage you to start to use better password practices.

If I’m on with Doug again in the future I’ll try to post it out with some notice on my Twitter account, so keep an eye there.

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