The workplace is changing: Workplace Revolution

I’ve worked in non-profit, corporate, and now self-employment environments in the last 15 or so years and during this time one thing has remained true: change. Aggressive change has been seen in technology, services, client needs, and employee work. Perhaps the largest changes has been in our workplace expectations – including mine.

This week in Cedar Rapids an all-star cast of speakers, both local and nationally known, will meet and speak on the “Workplace Revolution. This event appears to be my kind of topic – seeing as how I have been a “trouble maker” at my past employers with regards to this important topic. During my tenures, I pushed for continued pursuit of employee growth, forward thinking workplace cultures, and bringing the best of the new work worlds’ aspects to the organizations I have been blessed to be a part of. Now, as a self-employed entrepreneur, my role is different yet it echoes much the same for myself and my clients looking to progress their businesses.

The folks producing this new event were kind enough to interview me and include me in their pre-event video. I was there representing Cedar Rapids entrepreneurs and “Millennials” who have a prospective on life and work that often comes down to just wanting to live. I’m glad they also clipped my comment on the “abundance mentality.” I truly believe we can all make the pie larger and thereby have more slices to go around if we look to the new ways of doing business rather then the old. You can watch the short flick here.

Consider joining me at the Workplace Revolution event this week if you are in the Eastern Iowa region. If you are not in the area, I’ll try to tweet out some thoughts during the event.

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