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Streaming Overtakes Live TV 4/24/15

Voiceover: The station where the news is. 600WMT.

Doug: Joshua McNary is the founder and he is a digital technologist at McNary Marketing and Design.

And he joins us on the telephone right now. News radio 600WMT in the morning show. Joshua how are

you today?

Joshua: I’m great. Good morning everybody.

Doug: Oh tell ya what. People, things have changed so much. I get criticized, I guess I wouldn’t say

criticized. I say that too frequently. Back when I was a kid but things have changed so much because

back when I was a kid we used to, you know, gather around the television set. And we’d watch things

that way. Nowadays people just aren’t doing that anymore. They are doing it as individuals more and

there are going away from TV’s. There was a story in Variety that we were talking about a study that was

behind there. Tell us a little bit about this study Josh.

Joshua: Sure. Well the consulting firm Deloitte came out with their ninth edition of the digital

democracy survey. And this is a survey that they do over the years to look at the trends of how people

are looking at media, digital media and information. How they are getting it at their home. So this year

the big find that they came out with was that these video streaming services like a Netflix or Amazon

Prime instant video or any number of the others that are out there those in Americans minds are raising

up in importance in their lives. So 42% of Americans based on this survey are now saying that is a very

important service in their lives. Versus say a paid TV or a cable service or any other number of services

they get at their home to consume media.

Doug: So they are looking at this and it basically says that people are maybe not walking away from but

just not watching regular broadcast TV, cable TV. Things like that as much as they used to. I guess I can

understand that because I tend to be somewhat of a binge watcher. Are you a binge watcher as well?

Joshua: No not too much. This survey did talk about binge watchers. There was a lot of other interesting

findings here too and one of them was the binge watching. Back when I had a paid service and that’s an

example. I’m considered a generation X’er by the survey and we cut the cord. We turned off cable TV. All

we have is an HD antenna for some live programming. We do streaming services. But when I did a paid

TV, on the weekends they would have that marathon on whatever station and that was like binge

watching old style.

Doug: Exactly.

Joshua: You get Netflix you watch you know a whole season in one night because you can and there’s

no commercials. And you can watch it on your mobile phone while you are sitting in bed. And fall asleep

to it. It has just changed the mentality of how we think about TV. It’s not black and white like it used to

be when you were a kid, just kidding.

Doug: No really it is not like that at all. Joshua McNary is a marketing technologist over at McNary

Marketing and Design. Does all sorts of digital stuff. Everything from the marketing to the technology

stuff like this. Now the Deloitte you said this was kind of a confusing study. The digital democracy

survey. What made it so confusing or difficult to get a grasp of?

Joshua: Well detail is another way to look at it. They do look at all of the different age groups. They start

with what they call trailing millennials; which are the young ins. 14 – 25.

Doug: They start with what? What are they called again?

Joshua: Trailing millennials.

Doug: Trailing Millennials. Got it.

Joshua: The younger millennials. Then they’ve got the standard millennials. Then they’ve got the

generation X’ers. The baby boomers. And then what they call mature. In all of these categories the

trends we are talking about were going up. So even for the oldest generation out there they are going

up. Of course the younger generations have higher numbers for how much binge watching they are

doing or how much they are watching on their mobile devices or how much streaming they are doing,

but they are going up in all cases. And where it gets confusing is when you start digging into the

numbers and you try to compare these different groups. But like I said the trend on all of them was

going up on the changing habits we are seeing generally and the media watching society.

Doug: Gotcha. You can find him on twitter @mcnary. Or also his website is Joshua McNary

of McNary Marketing and Design. Hey thanks for joining us again on the WMT Morning Show. Have

yourself a good weekend Joshua.

Joshua: Yeah you too.

Doug: 6am at Broadcast Park. We’ve got Fox news next.

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