Apple Special Announcement Event Recap 9/10/15

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Doug: At Broadcast Park 66 degrees. Here on the WMT morning show. Joshua McNary joins us. McNary marketing and design where he is the digital technologist and marketing guru. Jack of all trades and master of many of them too, right?

Joshua: If you say so.

Doug: [Laughs]. Josh McNary here. And were both sort of Apple geeks. So yesterday was a big day for us.

Joshua: Yeah Apple had their big fall iPhone announcement. Typically is what’s it’s called. So how to [   ] quickly. But of course the iPhone was one of them. This is the in-between year for the iPhone. So last year we got the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus with a whole new form factor. Bunch of new features bunch of new interesting things about the iPhone. This year was the iPhone 6s. Which is S for speed. That was originally only intended to mean. And what we got here really was a speed bump, an upgrade to the same form factor that you currently would know if you have an iPhone but basically a better version of it. And the really biggest feature we saw added this year was the what they called forced touch what is something that is on the Apple watch. You push on the glass screen and it senses the pressure you are putting on it which gives another dimension of control which they are calling 3D touch. That was the biggest thing we got out of the iPhone this go around.

Doug: Okay now explain this to me. It senses. Why would you need that? It senses how hard you’re touching it?

Joshua: Right. Well what they showed in the demo primarily was the ability to navigate your information more quickly. So perhaps if you are touching on an email message before you have to tap in and look at it. If you wanted to go back you had to hit the back button and go back. Which was an extra click. Whereas with this forced touch in the mail app you would push down in the message and it would pop up in a preview mode and let you more quickly move through your work day. It’s a nicety and that’s part of the criticisms of this keynote was people started to get frustrated a little bit with Apple around this type of update because it’s not really adding a whole lot that is apparent. That doesn’t mean they didn’t do a lot of amazing technology in it. It’s just not the big wow we are used to getting with Apple.

Doug: Exactly. Well at some point though you got to run out of wow stuff don’t ya?

Joshua: Um. Perhaps. Perhaps. There was a little bit of wow perhaps in this keynote. Two other thigs, well there was actually three other things and big announcements. The two that we will look at really quickly. They added the iPad pro. Which is an almost 13 inch iPad screen and whole bunch of new technology and speed and amazingness. Desktop class performance they claim. Within an iPad. The interesting thing there they kind of stole a little bit from our friends at Microsoft.

Doug: Really. [Laughs]

Joshua: They are actually selling a key pad, a key board I should say and with that are selling the Apple pencil which is a stylus. That Steve Jobs literally said was crap. That’s interesting in and of itself. We could go on for an hour about that. They also updated some stuff around the Apple watch which is primarily stuff we already knew. In regards to adding the watch OS 2 which is going to add some more features and ability to the watch. But the other big announcement with a little bit of wow is the Apple TV. That device has been around for a while but they are now upgrading it and putting it up with all their other devices. Meaning it’s going to have an app store. Meaning it’s not just the little pet project anymore. It’s going to be a thing. So you’re going to have all the apps and tools that you had on the Apple TV prior but now you’re going to be able to play games on it, download additional content and it has Siri now. So you can actually talk to your TV and have it do amazing things.

Doug: Yeah well as opposed to now when I talk to my TV and I’m like hey come on.

Joshua: Yeah well when I’m watching sports that’s when I talk to my TV. And it’s usually not very nice.

Doug: Oh man. Well we are going to have to pick up with you. I think maybe you me and Christoph can talk about periscope coming up here in the near future.

Joshua: Yeah. Periscope. New technology. New social media platform. I’m doing a periscope class periscope if you want to learn more about that.

Doug: There you go. periscope. Just go to you’ll find it all there. Josh McNary. I’m sorry I’m just discombobulated now. I need an Apple upgrade is what I need. Thank you much Josh we’ll talk to you soon.

Joshua: Good bye.


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