Mobile Security & Clickjacking During the Holidays 12/23/15

WMT Morning Show with Doug Wagner – WMT600AM (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)

Listen to me appear on the WMT Morning show speaking with Doug Wagner about Mobile Security & Clickjacking During the Holidays.



Doug Wagner: Is Joshua McNary. He is the founder and…I always do this. Digital?

Joshua McNary: Marketing Technologist.

Doug Wagner: Thank you. Digital Marketing Technologist. You know what? It’s early in the morning. I haven’t had enough coffee Joshua I apologize.

Joshua McNary: And its Christmas week. It’s crazy.

Doug Wagner: Its one excuse after the other for me so don’t worry about that. We’re talking about something. About an article I’ve referred to and were not going to stay necessarily on that topic. But Clickjacking. I had never heard of Clickjacking before. Can you explain what that is to me?

Joshua McNary: Sure yeah. So this time of year were on our mobile devices, we are online shopping and the scammers are out there like they always are. We’ve talked about these kinds of issues generally before. Clickjacking specifically is the idea of when you click something on a website or on a mobile device and you think you’re clicking a button to take you one place but in reality the website or the app is coded and you click it and it actually takes you someplace else. And basically the idea is that a scammer could use that to increase their websites ranking because you clicked their link even though you were actually clicking something else. So it’s another flavor of the week way the hackers are getting after us.

Doug Wagner: Okay. It’s interesting because I heard this morning for the first time broadband use at home is down because from like 70% to 67% because people are starting to use their phones more to do all those things so Clickjacking could become something a little more serious here in the future.

Joshua McNary: Clickjacking really could happen more on a mobile device. That’s across the board. In regards to mobile devices through you’re right I mean the cost of using the data on those is coming way down. I use mine all the time connected to my computer  at the coffee shop or whatever for  security reasons partially so I am not on a public network. But yeah absolutely there’s a lot of ways on a mobile device though that you can, other ways, there’s illegitimate apps. There’s not anti-virus on a mobile device in the same way that you think about it on a desktop device and our security features in every platform out there but because the way those devices have evolved over time try to be high efficiency you hate when your battery dies. So the makers have set them up so that they don’t have a bunch of apps running in the background all the time or if they do they’re only for really core purposes and that’s because of that’s what an anti-virus does on your desktop machine. It’s running in the background always looking for the bad stuff. So just the way they have evolved you have to make sure that the security settings into your particular device, based on whoever built it, and the software they have coded is set properly. And the other big thing before is you just have to be aware. The fact that you’re even listening to this right now there are dangers out there when I click something or download something. Something bad might happen. Just being aware and as an internet consumer knowing that hey this doesn’t look right and then just not clicking it if you’re not quite sure.  That’s one of the biggest things I can recommend.

Doug Wagner: No that’s not a bad idea at all.  Joshua McNary is the founder and a digital marketing technologist over at McNary Marketing & Design. You can find him @mcnary or is the website. Especially this time of year when  people the whole thing with Apple Pay I think is another thing and then it’s going to step up with the Android phones. You are going to have more and more of this. Do people have a reason to be concerned with all of this information just floating out there in the ether?

Joshua McNary: Well again on the internet there is reason to have concern but I would a liken it to, a concern that your house might get robbed but everybody gets robbed. So I think that’s a good way to think about  because the technology is new and it moves so fast there’s a mentality of oh I’m scared of this thing over here. But with that said I think if you put it in the context of not everyone gets hacked or has these problems but just be aware of them. And recognize suspicious activity out there as internet consumers will help you a long way. The good thing about the payment solutions for Apple Pay for instance specifically. The way they have designed them is that you’re information or your payment information is not exposed in a way. It could be made a case that a credit card that  you whip out a person could take a picture of  or look over your shoulder is less secure than the way those payments work. So because of the encryption and they don’t actually have the credit card number they are just sending a transaction ID between you and the vendor. So there’s a case to be made there that they are more secure so just be aware there. Just be aware. On alert for suspicious activity and I think that goes a long way to make sure you are not the house that gets robbed in the mobile world.

Doug Wagner: Exactly. In the mobile world and hopefully not in the real world either. Joshua. Merry Christmas to you and your family. We are going to talk sometime here in the next couple of weeks about getting your marketing plan for your small to medium sized business up and running for the year. Alright.

Joshua McNary: Absolutely. Merry Christmas everybody. Happy New Year.

Doug Wagner: Alright take care. Joshua McNary for McNary Marketing & Design.

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