Apple vs. FBI: Device Privacy & Technology Implications – 2/19/16

WMT Morning Show with Doug Wagner – WMT600AM (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)

Listen to me appear on the WMT Morning show speaking with Doug Wagner about Apple vs. FBI: Device Privacy & Technology Implications.


Doug Wagner: 54 degrees at Broadcast Park. Here at the WMT morning show. 7:17. Joshua McNary joining us this morning. Josh how are you doing today?

Joshua McNary: I am great. How are you?

Doug Wagner: Doing well. Founder and Digital marketing Technologist for McNary Marketing and Design. I think that’s somewhere in the area of what your title is over there. If not keep on retitling it.

Joshua McNary: That’s alright.

Doug Wagner: I’m just going to have to give you new business cards every time because I keep on retitling you. But what’s going on with Apple and the federal government. So the San Bernardino shooters they had an iPhone that, one of them had an iPhone. The FBI says to the judge, this is a federal government saying to a judge. Hey we need Apple to unlock this thing for us because what’s happening is after you try ten times unsuccessfully the passcode it will completely wipe the memories. That my understanding. Okay.

Joshua McNary: Yes. That’s one of the features.

Doug Wagner: Federal judge now says alright Apple you have to crack open this phone. Take us in there and sort of explain hats going on at this point.

Joshua McNary: Well this is a complicated legal, technical and political discussion. I am going to focus on the technical here today. Apple is going to create a special version of their software. It’s complicated because these devices have been over time made more and secure. The last few versions of the Apple software for the IOS devices have encryption in it. A way of making the data gibbledygoosh to anyone looking at it. Expect the person who knows the code to that device. The software they have for Apple to basically circumvent some of the software features as I used the Apple market to consumers like us to keep our data secure. Some of those features so that the FBI can actually do a [ ] attacking, put as many codes as they possibly can to figure out what that code was that the terrorists were using so they can get in and get the data. So they are not actually having Apple to get the data they are just trying to get Apple to create a version of the software then allows them to get the data. So it’s very complicated.

Doug Wagner: I know exactly. So Apple has its very interesting for Apple. Hey privacy is of the utmost concern for what we do. I was even listening to America in the Morning this morning and they did an interview. They played part of an interview they did last year with Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO and that’s one of the things he talked about. The privacy and the security of these phones. And how important it is in the 21st century. Apple is basically saying look if we do that for this phone how is it not going to get in the hands of somebody else?

Joshua McNary: Right. And it’s not even that software for this phone which is the iPhone 5c. So an older model and it was using the previous edition of the iOS software. One of the previous versions of that. But it was a more secure version. Essentially that particular software on my newer version of the iPhone but the conduct behind it would be out there. They just don’t exist. The only people that could possibly do that would be the people working at Apple right now that’s why the FBI is asking them to do it. But the idea would be that if they did it for this phone the contents are out there and essentially Apple said in their letter they would be tuning their own security people who made this software very secure against itself. And creating the thing they were trying to avoid. And so it’s a personally philosophical discussion in that regard. Over time you could see it leading to bigger problems.

Doug Wagner: Exactly. This is kind of a big deal now. The feds are pushing on Apple. Apple is saying no. Now I’m pretty sure Apple. Joshua McNary you can find out more about him at that’s his website. You can also follow him @mcnary. On twitter. Josh thanks for joining us and giving us an update on this. We’re going to take a quick break , do a little local and regional news together and then on the other side of that we are going to talk with Kevin Teckall, He’s the US attorney for the Northern District of Iowa and find out with the feds case is in regards to this.

Joshua McNary: That’s great. This is a complicated issue. It’s important to discuss and definitely take time to learn about it.

Doug Wagner: Josh thanks for joining us. Hope you have a great weekend. Alright.

Joshua McNary: No problem. Thanks for having me.

Doug Wagner: Alright take care.

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