Digital Marketing Trends in 2016 – 1/28/16

WMT Morning Show with Doug Wagner – WMT600AM (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)

Listen to me appear on the WMT Morning show speaking with Doug Wagner about Digital Marketing Trends in 2016.


Announcer: It’s a quarter to seven here at Broadcast Park. Welcoming Joshua McNary to the telephone lines. He’s a digital marketing technologist. He’s the founder and President, CEO, big cheese and head hauncho over at McNary Marketing and Design. You can find him at and on twitter @mcnary. Joshua, how are you today?

Joshua McNary: I’m great. Thanks for having me again.

Announcer: Glad to have you on the program. It’s 2016 and everyone is moving everything forward, slowly but surely. And there was an article that I saw that I thought was fairly interesting. Wanted to get your opinion on it. said there are 10 digital marketing trends to watch in 2016 and beyond. And the big thing that they say is the customer experience will be the big focus for marketers and advertisers in the year. What did you think of this article?

Joshua McNary: I thought it was a good wrap up of where we are at currently in digital marketing. Having ended with that point about the user experience particularly and that’s really where all of the other points lead to in this article and what we are seeing in this space. We’re really in a time now where we are really two, three generations down the road from the digital marketing evolution that we’ve seen. At first it was just figuring out how to even advertise online and make it effective where people don’t just skip over it. Now were all the way to the point where people are installing ad blockers – and actually they can do that. So there are a lot of interesting things that have been done. To really make the user experience that much better and allow marketers to engage with consumers on the consumers terms.

Announcer: Well one of those things is called content marketing. That’s one of those things rather than just having ads blasted to anyone at any time. Content marketing changes the game.

Joshua McNary: Absolutely. I mean most of the folks that I work with have to come out to what we are trying to accomplish. Content marketing is that idea of giving good information, sometimes giving away some free info that you may have sold in the past, ahead of time to your customers to prove that you know what you are talking about. That you have a good product or service that they can engage with. And you know a certain percentage of folks will never work with you, they were never going to work with you anyway. But you position yourself in a way that allows you to be seen as a leader in that market and it gives you an opportunity to at least have a conversation about working with somebody or selling them a product.

Announcer: Joshua McNary is with McNary Marketing and Design here in Cedar Rapids. And you can find him on twitter @mcnary. And a lot of the stuff … you’re very prevalent on social media and that really is one of the areas. You take a look at Twitter and how they are trying to work in marketing. I see many more promoted twitter posts than I have at any time in the past.

Joshua McNary: Sure. Well they are a great example. They’re one of the social networks I think are still evolving and trying to figure out how to do this. They have gotten better over the years. Actually on facebook there are about one billion users. And on twitter there might be about 300 or 320 million users. So it’s a huge grouping of people that are engaging with a lot of content all the time. So how do you get through to them when you are looking at hundreds of tweets in a given moment? How do you make sure that one of those promoted tweets show up and you click on it? And that’s where we get back to the content marketing. You’ve got to engage with the person as in the mind frame and where they are at in regards to your product or service at that moment. And get them to come in in a natural way, an organic way. Rather than force and ad on them. And generally that’s what working. And on facebook you can boost posts. So if you have content marketing posts that you put on there and you want to particularly be seen by people who don’t already follow you that’s what you boost. You don’t create this static billboard and try to attract people the way we used to. You’re actually promoting content.

Announcer: Mid to late afternoon hyvee pushes a tweet that pushes people to snapchat so they can see their channel and that’s the perfect time because people are saying “man. I’m hungry… what am I going to do?” Joshua McNary. McNary Marketing and Design. You can find him on twitter @mcnary and also at is where his website is. Joshua thank you so much for joining us at the WMT morning show.

Joshua McNary: Thanks for having me.

Announcer: Hope that you have a good one today and enjoy the couple of hours of sunshine we are supposed to get!

Joshua McNary: Once it comes – here in a little bit.

Announcer: Thanks Josh. 6:49 here in Broadcast Park.

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