Your Yearly Marketing Goals – 5/6/16

WMT Morning Show with Doug Wagner – WMT600AM (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)

Listen to me appear on the WMT Morning show speaking with Doug Wagner about focusing on your yearly marketing goals.


First thing when you get up in the morning, 600, WMT.

Doug Wagner: So you’re a small to medium-size business and you’ve got one marketing person. You. Did you take the opportunity to put your marketing goals down? And if, even if you were able to do that, did you put sort of milestones in there? Are you hitting your marketing goals? How do you even know if that’s the case? Joshua McNary of McNary Marketing Design joining us here on the WMT morning show. Joshua, how are you this morning?

Joshua McNary: I am great. Thanks for having me again.

Doug Wagner: Glad to have you on the program today. Tell me a little bit about the idea of, I mean, before you hit your or you can even tell whether you’re hitting your marketing goals, you have to put some standards out there, don’t you?

Joshua McNary: Absolutely. And, you know, it starts by just lighting them down. So you might have spent some time at the end of last year or the beginning of this year doing some annual planning for your business, and hopefully that included some marketing goals. And maybe you wrote them down or maybe you didn’t, but I don’t really care. We’re a fourth, or we’re over a fourth a year of the way through. We’re a third of the way through already now, I think with May starting, and you need to just to take a little bit of time with a legal pad, sit down, and write down what I suggest just your top three goals, and this could be for anything. We’re talking about marketing right now, but it could be your personal life, your other aspects of your business. Just write down three goals on a legal pad, think through them for an hour a day, and that will get you back on track for the year.

Doug Wagner: See, that’s a good day. That’s a good way to do that, and especially on a day like today because you can take some time away. If you’re going to do this, Josh, Joshua, I’m telling you, this is not something you want to do in the heat of the moment. This is something you need to do that you can have and actually take the time to reflect.

Joshua McNary: Sure. Well, you know, it’s one of these things where you’re giving yourself permission to achieve these goals by just sitting down and really thinking through them and making sure that they’re the right goals. Something else we need to make sure we’re thinking about, you know, right now we’re talking about essentially, like, a yearly goal, but you also need to take a moment to think big. You know, where am I heading long term with my business, with my marketing, with my life, really?

Doug Wagner: Right.

Joshua McNary: And, again, like you said, today is a great day to go outside, maybe take a, play hooky a little bit. Do a half-day and spend some time in the park thinking through these things and really reflecting because in our day-to-day business, our day-to-day work, it’s just, we’re just ticking off a list, you know.

Doug Wagner: Oh, yeah.

Joshua McNary: And a lot of times, we don’t have time to stop and really think, and that was really the intent behind my [inaudible] where, you saw my message here about this, coming out and reminding the folks I work with just, hey, just stop for a minute and really think through where you’re at, and there’s a lot of the year left. Yes, we’re in sort of in the [inaudible] there’s a lot left that you could really make great progress in.

Doug Wagner: No, there is. Joshua McNary joining us from McNary Marketing Design here on News Radio 600 WMT. I guess a final thing is that you, where you work over at the Vault — it’s a coworking location at Geonetric that’s down in NewBo — you can really do some good things by grabbing a hold of some other professionals around you, getting together, and bouncing ideas off of one another.

Joshua McNary: Sure. Well, that’s, that was another one of the points I made in my article. Not specifically the coworking facility, but finding good help, ways to delegate, you know. If you’re a little bit bigger-sized company, you might have staff you can just delegate to, but even if you are, don’t have that staff support, there, we really live today in what I call the free agent society, and we see that down here at Vault Coworking a lot. There’s so many great resources of people who are following their passions, their goals, and you can then leverage them and their passion to do things that maybe aren’t so your passion or right in your breadbasket and let you focus on building your business in the way that you want and not have you do all these tactical things or try to reinvent the wheel in some way. So definitely look into that, whether it’s a coworking facility or just finding a good bookkeeper or finding a good virtual assistant, which is a hot item right now too. You can get in, find those on the Web to help you.

Doug Wagner: Definitely. is the website. You can find him on Twitter @McNary. @M-C-N-A-R-Y. Joshua McNary of McNary Marketing and Design. Hey, make yourself a good weekend out of this, would ya?

Joshua McNary: Oh, absolutely. I definitely will. It’s going to be great.

Doug Wagner: All right. Take care.

Joshua McNary: Thanks.

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