Thanksgiving #MarketingTechnology playlist

For the past few years, Joshua has enjoyed being a guest on WMT600AM radio, where he gets the chance to chat with host Doug Wagner and his morning show audience about all the latest developments in marketing technology.

While the discussion often centers around the news of the day, the underlying themes and trends aren’t going away anytime soon. Here are three quick chats from the last year that might be worth another listen — perhaps on your drive to Grandma’s house for turkey!

On mobile security:

The topic of the day was clickjacking (which is still a threat) and potential security risks as users conduct more transactions (holiday shopping, anyone?) through mobile devices. Keep in mind, “antivirus” on mobile works very differently than it does on desktop machines. LISTEN HERE.

On kids and tech:

How young is too young to let kids handle mobile devices? We review the research and discuss some smart ways to handle screen time. Plus, a shout out to CoderDojo, a structured way for kids to learn with technology. LISTEN HERE.

On low-cost, high-impact marketing:

While some of the tools have changed since we recorded this talk in January 2016, the takeaways still hold true: Be authentic, meet customers where they are, and establish expertise. LISTEN HERE.

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