Q+A: FunnelWise on getting full sales and marketing clarity

Connect sales and marketing to get a full view of your funnel

We unabashedly love trying out new tech, marketing and sales tools – but we also know that sometimes, these tools can add complication to our lives. Especially when data gets messy, implementation road blocks crop up, or different team members use different systems, that software that seemed like a dream can start to feel like a nightmare. Who hasn’t been there?

Enter FunnelWise, a software as a service platform that connects SalesForce, CRM and Marketing Automation tools, giving business leaders easy access critical full funnel intelligence.

Combined with their Revenue Funnel Science methodology, organizations are able to easily answer forward-looking questions such as: Will we hit our future revenue goals? What marketing and sales initiatives should we invest more in? What levers can we pull or dials should we turn to grow revenues faster?

Steve Will, Vice President at FunnelWise, has more than twenty-five years’ experience in sales and sales leadership. Prior to FunnelWise, he served as Director of National Accounts and Director of Sales for Submittal Exchange, where he led a rapidly-growing sales organization and secured several of the largest new clients in the company’s history. Prior to that, he spent sixteen years in sales and sales management at Gateway.

McNary Marketing and Design is proud to partner with great companies like FunnelWise. Here’s our Q+A with Steve:

Why was FunnelWise started?

CRM tools such as Salesforce.com along with Marketing Automation tools like Marketo, Hubspot, and Pardot are great tools and have provided sales and marketing organizations with valuable information. However, sales often “lives” in SalesForce and marketing “lives” in Marketing Automation tools, creating silos and challenges with clearly measuring ROI and results. This leads to slower growth and missed goals. FunnelWise was born out of the need to treat marketing and sales as a holistic system, and, along with Revenue Funnel Science provides a cohesive strategy for understanding and taking action on the story that their marketing and sales data is telling.

What type of businesses do you work with?

Time is precious and priorities are many, there are literally hundreds of things pulling at the time and mindshare for busy CEO’s, marketing leaders, and sales leaders. They need easy to implement and easy to use technology and expertise that help them focus on the items that will produce the best results.

Every business that has marketing teams creating demand and sales teams that close deals has a need for complete funnel clarity and can benefit from some aspect of Revenue Funnel Science. Currently, we focus on organizations that sell B2B that use Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics, or another similar CRM. FunnelWise also connects to popular marketing automation solutions such as Marketo, Pardot, and Hubspot. We work with firms with 50-10,000 employees with a focus on growth stage firms or firms that are looking for growth hacking. The technology space has historically been receptive to trying new technologies and new methodologies to grow revenues.

Data is everywhere nowadays. “Big Data” has become a problem for most companies. How does FunnelWise help solve those problems?

The average sales and marketing team creates 200,000 new data points a week.

We often hear comments such as “Our data is too messy, dirty, or complicated and we aren’t going to be able to use technology like FunnelWise until that is fixed.”

The truth is no one has perfect data and it’s unlikely there will come a point where the data is perfect. We’ve yet to run across data that was too messy or processes that were too difficult for us to work through. A favorite quote of mine come from one of our longest clients and member of our board of advisors Jim Bell, CMO of Glint. He says “Fuzzy numbers measured over time produce actionable insights”

How can those reading this learn more about working with FunnelWise?

If you’d like to learn more about FunnelWise please visit our webiste www.funnelwise.com or request a demo here: https://www.funnelwise.com/request-a-demo/

Or read more about Revenue Funnel Science here: https://www.funnelwise.com/resources/

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