What Facebook Feed Changes Should Mean for Your Content

What Facebook Feed Changes Should Mean for Your Content

Recently, Facebook announced broad changes to the news feed that users would see. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the company’s algorithm would be giving preference to content that is creating the most “meaningful interaction” in people’s lives. In essence, this comes down to organic content that comes from “Friends,” rather than from “Pages.”

What does that mean for Businesses?

The short answer is that business pages will likely see a downturn in the number of people who see their organic posts from their pages. However, that doesn’t mean your posts are hidden or cannot be seen. There are ways to get your content back in front of your followers.

What can you do about it?

You have three options:

  1. Ask your followers to go to your Page and manually select “See First.”
    Pros: Your customers will see your content in their News Feed, without your having to promote it.
    Cons: It’s incredibly difficult to convince, even loyal or engaged, followers to take the time to make that selection.
  2. Pay for ads, so that your content is promoted.
    Pros: Your customers are more likely to see your content, among other organic content.
    Cons: It costs money each time you want to promote a post.
  3. Create more enriching and engaging content that your followers want to read, watch and share.
    Pros: People interact with and share content that they genuinely enjoy, which is then seen by more people.
    Cons: There’s no guarantee that your followers will be able to see that content in the first place.

Our recommendation? The third strategy and here’s why. While there is no guarantee that followers will see your organic content, Facebook isn’t barring it. It’s further downplaying content that it doesn’t think people want to see. That leaves an open challenge to create content that people do want to see. Every social media platform and search engine exists in this way – to give people more of what they want and less of what they don’t. Create content that is meaningful to your target audience to be successful across the digital and internet world.

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