Connecting with Customers Through Quality Content

Recently, we discussed the importance of engaging your audience with content. Content includes all the writing you use for your brand and marketing – across all platforms. This may be as small as your business card or as detailed as a technical page on your website.

Here at McNary Marketing, we value quality and compelling writing. To that end, we’ve partnered with Jennie Morton at Herringbone Freelance, one of our certified contractors, to offer some packages that could help you get a handle on your own content marketing strategy.

Let’s take a look at why great copy matters for your brand.

The Chance to Shine

“Just because your industry appears to be dry doesn’t mean your copy has to be,” Jennie said.

We couldn’t agree more. In fact, the more dry and full of jargon your industry seems to be, the more opportunity you have to be the company that stands out – with content that educates and even entertains the buying audience.

People Care

“Take pride in your business writing. You should be using the same level of professionalism on all of your platforms as you do when writing client emails,” explains Jennie.

The goal and purpose of content, in print or online, is to communicate. It is your chance to speak with clients, share who you are, show them what matters to you, and explain what you do and why. The effort you take in that will reflect the pride you take in all your work.

Copy is All They Have

“When customers are comparing products or brands on the internet, they are ultimately comparing copy,” Jennie says.

Think about it. No matter what you are selling, people are often going to look online to learn more – and to compare with other companies. Everything from your features and processes to your contact or location information uses words to make the point. You want to use the best words, the most consistent words, and the words that are going to close that sale.

We help our clients present themselves, and their products or services, in the most professional way possible. Along with Jennie’s help, McNary Marketing is offering clients two offerings:

Brand Persona: In this collaborative and comprehensive process, we’ll provide a deep analysis of a brand’s existing copy, sharing specific feedback about how a brand currently presents itself and strategies for improvement. This includes a PowerPoint presentation that a client can then use for internal guidance with specific recommendations to optimize existing content.

Content Gap Analysis: In this process, we’ll comb through a client’s website and social media presence, observing like a reader. We will look for everything from typos to generic or outdated writing.The client will receive a detailed strategy document, with tips and ideas for how to improve.  

We are excited about this new partnership and the possibilities ahead for McNary clients. If you feel like your content needs to be refreshed or just aren’t sure you are presenting yourself in the best light, contact us today about these or other content marketing support!

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