Deepfakes and the Future of Marketing Technology

What is a deepfake? Well, it’s not the informant in this summer’s best-selling thrilling mystery. It’s the manipulation of media, including videos, using machine learning and artificial intelligence. Bad actors can pretty easily “fake” a video making you think it is very real. You can see some past examples here. It’s becoming a problem (or at least a real concern) for politicians, celebrities and businesses who all have reputations to uphold and certain messages to bring. When these are distorted, it can be difficult to tell fact from fiction.

Could It Affect You?

As technology develops and evolves, this issue will continue to grow. It’s like photoshop for videos. How could this impact businesses? Imagine your CEO making an announcement or certain claims he or she never actually made. Your brand’s reputation is on the line, and a fake video could upend it in short time.

Technological and Government Intervention

Even as technology advances to make deepfakes easier to make and distribute, so could technology fight against them. Timestamps and others revealing features could be worked into video technology. Furthermore, certain laws have been proposed to crack down on deepfake production.

In the Meantime…

We recommend preparation. Every growing business, with a serious marketing plan, should also have a PR plan in place that include crisis communications. In our ever-growing digital world, such crises could include deepfake videos and you need to be able to react quickly and onbrand.

Honesty Always the Best Policy

Okay, we know this issue is a frightening one. Just a quick Google search can make the future of marketing seem gloomy and foreboding. May we offer a different perspective. Brands have always been bombarded by fake news, slander, and potentially damaged reputations- whether in print media or digital videos. We believe that with that comes the opportunity to be honest, upfront, and authentic. Build your brand around genuine values and service. With a crisis plan in place, and truth on your side, you can weather the storms. Fear not the future ahead. Be ready and grab the opportunities as they come.

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