Learning to trust, collaborate, be authentic, believe, & do at EntreFEST

Thanks to Bart Schmitz (@bschmitz14) for snapping this photo of me presenting "Taking Your Email Inbox From Ridiculous To Inbox Zero" on Thursday of EntreFEST. Download the slides of that talk. Last week in Iowa City, EntreFEST 2014 entertained around 500 entrepreneurs, business people, and community members who shared an interest in innovative business ideas [...]

Clean up your Mac Menu Bar with Bartender.app: Video Tip

Issue - Out of Control Mac Menu Bar If you have a Mac you probably have downloaded applications which add a menu bar icon in the top right of your screen. You may have even found you can disable this icon in the downloaded application's settings.  The thing is, those little icons can come in [...]

Technology, Marketing, & Solutions

My work in recent years has been based on helping small businesses utilize technology along with marketing ideas to better their experience/clients. It has looked like taking “tools” and enacting them (website, systems, and services).  What the client may not even know is they are paying me for is my ability to “converge” the issues […]