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Last week David Tominsky cornered Sarah Binder and I at Vault Co-working asking about who in the Eastern Iowa business community were the movers and shakers to watch on Twitter. We made a list on a whiteboard and it started to balloon. I noted I’d make a Twitter List version for us all to gain from.

Announcing the “Creative Corridor” Twitter List

twitterlistwhiteboardStarting with 80 members, I made this list based on the whiteboard effort, plus adding folks from my personal follow list who were missing from our initial list or maybe on the fringe of the entrepreneurial community. There are no specific criteria to be on the list, but loosely folks are:

  • * Located in Eastern Iowa (with some in Des Moines and the greater Silicon Prairie)
  • * Have a tie to entrepreneurism, tech & innovative business, startups,  investment, or creative/arts
  • * Are hustlers, developers, marketers, business owners, community developers, non-profit staff, and more

Live Look-in

Here is what the live feed of some great thinkers and people looks like!

Insightful Already!

The list was only created last week, but it is already becoming a “must check” column in my Twitter clients. The people represented are some of the most creative, energetic, and engaging in the Creative Corridor. I think the list will be an awesome spot to hear what they are saying, interact, and follow the story of the Corridor.

Suggest People

Who are we missing? I know I am missing some amazing people in the area, but had to start somewhere. If you have any folks who fit the loose criteria above, please let me know via email or right on Twitter. I’ll make the final call, but don’t be shy and don’t be afraid to suggest yourself if I left you off!

Follow The List

Make sure to subscribe to the list! Doing so will allow you to regularly follow the fun and see the list in your favorite Twitter client. You can subscribe and see the list at will by visiting the Twitter home of the feed at: lists/creative-corridor

See ya’ll in Twitter-land!   

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