Duo of Security Issues: IE & AOL

On April 30, 2014 at 10:24am, you can hear me live on 600 WMT-AM talking this week’s Internet Explorer & AOL security hacks with Doug Wagner. Listen: http://i.mcnary.me/QXVQZt

This week both Microsoft and AOL noted security issues which could have effected you if you use Internet Explorer or AOL.

Internet Explorer Hack

Any edition of Internet Explorer (IE) 6-11 is vulnerable to this new hack where visiting a booby-trapped site or image will allow a 3rd party user privileges to control the local computer account.  The bad guys then can install malware, make new user accounts, etc. Really ugly stuff. The hack relies on Internet Explorer and Adobe Flash working together. The issue is severe enough that The US Department of Homeland Security is advising Americans from using IE until a fix is out. The best thing to do is switch browsers to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If you must use IE for a specific computer or business purpose, be sure to disable Flash. There are some more technical fixes possible, but they are complicated for the average user – see Microsoft’s website.

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AOL Account Data Breach

AOL users account email addresses, postal addresses, address book contact information, encrypted passwords and encrypted answers to security questions may have been collected by hackers who got into AOL’s systems.  The issue became apparent when approximately 2% of AOL’s millions of users’ email addresses sent spoofed emails.  These spoofs make it look like the mail came from you, usually with links to spam or leading to viruses to your friends. AOL is asking users to reset their password. You might also tell friends to which for any odd email from your AOL address. If you don’t have AOL, be leery of any odd email from any AOL addresses.

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It is a dangerous tech world out there. Stay informed on any issues in security and use good computing habits. More than anything else, don’t let the hackers win! Don’t stop using tech because of such attacks; if you are smart/informed you can avoid many security issues.

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