How can you use Digital & Social marketing? ∙ my talk at AAF CR-IC Education Day 2015

On April 7,2015 I spoke to student in Cedar Rapids, Iowa as part of AAF: CR-IC EDUCATION DAY. The event paired upcoming area students with Eastern Iowa’s marketing professionals to learn, meet, and share ideas regarding our craft.

I was asked to “wake up” the students with the opening talk titled “DIGITAL MARKETING MATTERS”. I walked through the vast discussion of what digital marketing can mean and then focused the students on how they can best us digital (social) marketing to promote themselves and their clients. You can access the slide below.



As part of the talk I also provide a handout helping that completing to think through first the branding mission os using social media marketing and then giving them an action plan to act on those ideas. Click below to download it – let me know if it is useful!


[file_download style=”1″][download title=”Digital-Social%20Marketing%20Worksheet” icon=”style2-thumb-dl-pdf.png” file=”” package=”” level=”” new_window=”Y”]A%20worksheet%20to%20help%20you%20focus%20your%20digital%20marketing%20brand%20and%20strategy.%20The%20back%20then%20helps%20you%20formulate%20ideas%20around%20how%20to%20take%20action%20on%20this%20plan.[/download][/file_download]


Thanks to AAF CR-IC for having me present and best of luck to the attendees who I met. It was great to be there with awesome professionals from the area and meet some of the up and coming marketers of the future!

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