Talking WordPress Websites & Plugins (#MarTech Periscope episode)


Today you will learn what a WordPress Plugin is, some of the different types of WordPress Plugins, and how they can help take your website to the next level.

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS).  It allows you to launch a website quickly and affordability and get a lot of features right off the top. One in five websites today is WordPress based.

Plugins add function on top of what WordPress already provides.

Themes are the visual look and appeal of the website. Sometimes themes have functional elements that come with them.  “Bundles” that provide you some Plugins when you install the theme. The theme is optimized to work with those plug ins. The danger in this is if you change your theme, the function in your bundled plug ins may not work the same way. You are better off keeping your Plugins separate from your Theme.

When it comes to WordPress Plugins, there are a lot of options. Categories of Plugins we will be discussing today are below. (links are provided for the plug ins Josh mentions in the broadcast).

Comment Plugins

Back Up / Database Storing Plugins

Search Engine Optimization Plugins (SEO)

Security Plugins

Cache Plugins

Contact Form Plugins

Social Networking Plugins

E-Commerce Plugins

Membership Based Websites / Affiliate Sales Plugins

WordPress Plugins are amazing and provide a ton of value to you and allow you to maximize your content. Pick one and give it a try today!


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