iOS 9 Issues & Restaurant/Delivery Apps On Rise 10/1/15

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If you have an iPhone like me. The iOS 9 came out and the first time I tried to download it said I had an error and was unsuccessful. So I started digging into this and I found a lot of people that are not happy with iOS 9. And it made me think ehhh I don’t want to download this. Joining me right now on the WMT telephones is Josh McNary of McNary Marketing and Design. He is our tech guru.  Our go to guy for tech. Josh good morning. How are you today?

Joshua: I am great. Thank you for having me.

Doug Wagner: I am glad to have you on the program. So should I or should I not download iOS 9?

Joshua: I think you should. I have been running it for a number of weeks and really the big news that has been coming out around iOS 9 is particular feature called Wi-Fi assist. And what that is a feature that is very easy to turn off by the way.  You can find it in your settings area. Cellular pan all the way to the bottom of the screen and pop I right off.  But it what it does actually uses your cellular signal when you’re in a Wi-Fi zone ND when the Wi-Fi signal isn’t very strong. So you’re trying to stream a video or something in the corner of your upstairs bedroom and you’re not getting good signal. It uses some cellular data to help the Wi-Fi signal get a nice streaming signal. But of course if that is happening and you don’t know it there not visual it, you end up using cellular data that maybe you weren’t expecting. So that’s what people are concerned about with iOS 9.

Doug Wagner: Okay. Gotcha.  The thing I was kind of corned about because it has this error at the beginning. Did everybody get that error downloading?

Joshua: Uh no. I will not call that typical of what I’ve seen. Although but every time you see one of these updates of any apple device there’s always stories like that. I would double check apple support as to your particular device. Also very common with the devices often is the space you need to do the download and install it sometimes leads to problems when they have lots of phots and videos.

Doug Wagner: I’m going to have to talk to you off air, we are going to go to lunch and I am just going to hand you my phone and say fix me would you please. Speaking of lunch. Restaurant apps. People are looking for specific things in their restaurant app as we go more into the 21st century. I mean Starbucks has this mobile order and pay. So you can just do it from your app and pick it up on your way through.

Joshua: Yeah. So we were both checking out this report on whitepaper from the national restaurant association and they did this in conjunction with a mobile app provider called UP. So there’s a little bit of bias in there but overall really interesting ideas around how restaurants can use mobile apps to differentiate themselves in the market space. And not only do it in a marketing sense which is where I spend a lot of my time doing marketing related stuff.  It’s also the idea of giving customers new experiences and making their lives easier. So maybe it’s just pre order your coffee on your way to Starbucks so you don’t have to  wait in line for 10 minutes, or its perhaps having  somebody actually deliver something to you. Taco Bell is actually thinking about some delivery which seems kind of ridiculous.

Doug Wagner: No it’s not ridiculous. You fool. I’m going to be ordering breakfast from them every day.

Joshua: Well I think here in our local markets here in Iowa we have seen this, a little bit different, but still food.  Hybee has their aisles online program where they are doing delivery of groceries. We have used this as a family because it saves us time. Even if there is a small fee involved the return on investment of that. If I can spend that hour or two on a Saturday doing some fun stuff with our kids versus going out. So I think that’s true of Taco Bell, of Starbucks, of any of these places. Panera is doing some new things with pre ordering or when you go in the store it’ll have touch screens to order on you don’t get into the massive lunch line.

Doug Wagner: Oh that’s remarkable. That’s a good thing. It’s really interesting that you talk about this because aisles online I guess if you order $100 or more delivery is free. So you just got to save up your grocery list.

Joshua: That’s right. For us as a family we hit that every week. 

Doug Wagner: Exactly. Hey Josh McNary thanks so much for joining us. You can find him at Sign up for his newsletter there. Joshua McNary. I hope that you have a great rest of the week and a good weekend. Best of luck to your Cleveland Browns this weekend.

Joshua: Thanks. We’re going to need it.

Doug Wagner: Take care.

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