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Make the most of time spent with work and family

As many of you know, Joshua is borderline obsessive about productivity and time management. It’s an effort to maximize the most important and limited resource we have on this earth, and to get the most out of time spent with both work and family. Digital clutter, email and constant notifications can take over our minds and distract from our time at home – but only if we let them.

freedom app for time management

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One big step on Joshua’s journey was the purchase of an Apple Watch*. More than just a fun gadget, it’s a helpful way to manage digital time. Minor notifications can be quickly checked and tapped away, so the bigger devices don’t have to come out for every buzz and ding. (Also: it really is a fun gadget.)

The next big step might be one of our new favorite apps: It works on Mac, Windows and iOS devices to block distracting websites and notifications. You can blacklist certain sites or the entire Internet (for serious focus) during pre-scheduled times or on the fly.

Joshua has found it helps him be more cognizant of what hours are spent working. It’s a little extra push to be fully present and focus on the things that really matter. Try it here*. 

(*Note: affiliate link. We love sharing helpful products. If you decide to buy, we’ll get a small referral bonus. Thanks!). 

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