Successfully Planning a Corporate Guest Speaker Event

Lately, Joshua has been asked to speak at a number of engagements, including conferences and workshops, as well as company hosted events that benefit either the company staff or a segment of their customer or client base. These speaker events present an interesting opportunity for businesses to bring value, education, and real-time content to their people.

A guest speaker event can draw people into your venue, possibly your own office, or to your online presence through a webinar. It gives you a chance to hear from them and do a little selling as well. Over the years, Joshua has learned a lot about what works – and what doesn’t – in these types of events. Here are a few tips to consider when planning to host a speaker.

Define Your Purpose

Speaking events can be valuable for all involved. It’s a great way for the speaker to get their name out there and show some expertise. It’s a great way for a business to build brand awareness and show their relevance regarding current topics. As these events are often offered for free, they can also be a way to attract prospective customers. As you are choosing a speaker and a topic, keep your audience in mind. What are their concerns and needs? How can this speaker help them?

Start Planning… Now

Joshua has found that the sooner you plan, the better. Speak with the presenter(s) to discuss the topics and themes. Decide whether you will be providing any food or drinks. And we recommend you do. Organize opt-ins and sales funnels for attendees. Marketing and promotion should start about 30 days from the event, at the latest. Even if you don’t have all the details ironed out by then, start contacting the people you want to invite and let them know about the event, so they can put it on the calendar!

Choose the Right Venue

If you’re hosting a webinar, make sure you know the equipment and platform you are using – and make sure it’s easy for the viewers. Hiccups on the day of the event will cause a sharp drop in viewership. If it’s a live event, choose a room that holds slightly fewer than the number you are expecting to attend. Over the years, Josh has found that a room packed full of people, even spilling out, keeps people excited and engaged. However, a room that feels large and empty tends to leave people uninspired and drained. A good rule of thumb is a room 20% smaller than you think you need (and have extra chairs available!)

Get Energized

Whether you are the speaker or are introducing the speaker, your energy sets the tone for the event – leaving a lasting impression. Swig your favorite caffeinated beverage or energy boosting smoothie, smile, and genuinely welcome the crowd. Be proud of the event and the topics being presented – and the audience will feed off your enthusiasm.


If you’re looking for a speaker to talk with your audience about anything from entrepreneurship and marketing to productivity and time management, Joshua would love to hear from you! With years of experience, he knows how to help you prepare a valuable and memorable event – and empowers audiences with both inspiring and practical information. Check out his speaker page today.

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