Why We Base Our Tech Company in the Midwest

When you think about technology, innovation, commerce, and digital communication, there are probably a number of communities – on either coast – that come to mind. Big cities, bustling streets, and larger populations.

What do you think of when you think of Iowa, here in the heart of the Midwest? Are you picturing farms, country roads, and small town life?

We certainly have plenty of that, but we also have a growing start-up culture, with a sizable innovation and technology base. In fact, investors are starting to notice the growth of tech companies moving to, or growing up in, the Midwest.

There are lots of personal, professional, and organizational reasons to choose America’s heartland for cutting edge technology, but here are a few of the reasons we at McNary Marketing chose to call Cedar Rapids, Iowa home.


Let’s just start with the most basic reality of our time. It’s a digital, wireless world, allowing for location independence. As long as you have access to the internet, as well as a profit worthy idea and the skills to do it, you can launch a technology business from anywhere. So why not the Midwest? We certainly could have chosen the big cities where Joshua started his career or some remote island, but the Midwest is where we want to be. And with today’s tools, it’s possible.


The cost of living here in the Midwest, even in the “larger” cities such as Cedar Rapids, is comparatively much cheaper than our coastal counterparts, like  New York, Philly, or the San Francisco Bay area. Not only is this a personal choice, in that we can afford the house and lifestyle we want, but it’s also a professional choice. We can afford office space earlier in our business’s lifespan. We can afford to travel to conferences. Lower cost of doing business means more wiggle room for growth.


Cedar Rapids is often listed among the best places to start a business. And we couldn’t agree more. It attracts amazing talent – and we have found ourselves working alongside inspiring and innovating companies. Together we encourage one another to do better, develop more, and continue to grow. We wouldn’t trade the entrepreneurial and technology communities here in Iowa and throughout the Midwest.

Curious about bringing your own technology business home to the Midwest? Or wondering about the work we do here? Contact us today! We’d love to chat over a cup of coffee (another friendly Midwest tradition).

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