Did You Know…

You may have come to us for one project, seen our marketing, or connected some other way, but you may not be aware of just how many tactical and strategic Marketing Technology efforts we undertake for our clients. Let’s take a dive into some of the services we offer – and you might find something you didn’t even know was an option.

Proactive Web Development

Everyone has a slightly different definition of a “web developer” – but for us, developing for the web means taking a strategic, forward-thinking, and integrated approach to the online spaces we build for each client, no matter how big or small. Here’s a rough progression of Proactive Web Development options we offer.

  • Brochure Websites – Much like they sound, these are like brochures online. But even the simplest ones we create are developed with potential and proactive thinking so that they can be expanded in the future.
  • Landing Pages – These campaign or purpose specific pages are built for marketing purposes primarily, but can be designed for any creative or strategic reason.
  • E-Commerce Platform – Whether you need to sell one product or thousands, we have experience working with clients on a variety of platforms. If you have a preference or are new to the process, we can walk you through the opportunities and build a space that helps you sell online, from your own website.
  • Web Applications – This is where it gets really fun. We can develop a custom application or integrate one from a specific platform. Then we can build a website around that application – or build it as a component of your current website. An example might be a quote calculator for your services or products.
  • Optimization and Tracking – Even if we didn’t build your website, we can help you get the most out of your online space through tracking of visitors and their usage – and help you optimize to draw the most relevant leads.

Digital Marketing

As we start to talk about integrating and optimizing your online space, we start moving into the digital marketing circle of our offerings. This is where we put things into place that will give you the most out of your online spaces, integrated technology, and the cloud. It’s also where all parts of your business meet and can really get you to your next big goal.

  • CRM Tools – This is usually the starting point. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) shows you who is in your sphere of influence. For B2B, it’s powerful and indispensable. But even B2C companies can learn a lot about how their customers have interacted with them and how they can turn customers into loyal ambassadors.
  • Marketing Automation – Using intelligence tools, we can help you reach out to people on a regular, recurring basis. This could be through email, text, an app, or other communication tools. We set these systems up with purpose to meet your sales and marketing goals.
  • Sales and Marketing Process Audits – Sometimes our clients don’t even know what to improve because their systems aren’t on paper. We figure out where the holes are and offer strategic options to close those, increasing efficiency.
  • Integrating Systems – Here we take your online marketing and sales systems and link them into your other processes through coordinated automation. This might be sales to fulfillment and accounting. Or CRM into project management. This hooks your front end systems into the back end one, closing any loops.

Other Marketing Awesome

Of course, there’s all kinds of other things we do that can be hard to organize under one specific category. Whether we’ve built your space or are offering tips for optimizing it, the next step is helping you bring more people to the table. Some of these offerings are done in-house, while others are conducted by expert contractors we’ve partnered with and trust.

  • Pay-Per-Click  
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Tracking and Analytics

Of course, even that list isn’t actually exhaustive. With every client, we seem to find new ideas and opportunities for marketing and integration. For some clients, we provide one-time project work, while for others we consult on an hourly or retainer basis.

We would love to help you discover what’s not working best and how we can make your marketing technology and systems serve your goals well. Give us a call and let’s talk about what you want to accomplish. Contact us today!

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