How Can I Effectively Work With Contractors?

Here at McNary Marketing & Design, we engage contractors throughout every area of our business. From developers to copywriters, we welcome the variety and depth of talent that we can provide our clients through our certified, US-based contractors and partners.

We celebrate the value that contract work brings to our economy and our society as a whole. As entrepreneurs, we embrace new methods and flexibility.

If you’ve been considering growing with the talent of contractors, we have some tips that have made our relationship with contractors work so well.

Solid Understanding of the Contractor Relationship

Before you bring on contractors, we recommend reviewing the legal and working definitions. A contractor is not an employee – and there are a lot of advantages in that for everyone. A contractor retains the freedom to work in a way that works best for them. You cannot set specific guidelines for how work is accomplished. This is good for the contractor because he or she can work in a way that best suits their schedule or organizational thinking. It can also be good for you when you have…

Have Rock Solid Expectations

Through meaningful conversations, and paperwork which we will discuss in a moment, you can set expectations for what work needs to be delivered. The advantage of this for you is the freedom from micromanaging. When everyone knows exactly what needs to be delivered, and when, you can step away and get back to your business, trusting that that work will get done.

Solid Paperwork In Place

Setting those expectations and being able to walk away is much easier to do when the paperwork is there to back it up. Engage with legal help, if needed, to create strong contracts that protect the interests of both parties. We recommend sending work orders for every batch of work that needs to be done, with precise listing of the work that needs to be accomplished and the pay structure. This frees you both from awkward conversations, when the paperwork is there to back you up.

Contractors are a great resource for a business owner who wants to onboard talented people, without the employee/employer relationshipWe at McNary Marketing & Design have found great success working with wonderful contractors here in the U.S., and many right here in the Silicon Prairie. If you’d like to learn more about how we engage contractors effectively, or anything about our awesome team, give us a call.

Photo credit: screenpunk on Visual hunt / CC BY-NC

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