How Do I Choose a Domain for My Website?

Now that you have that great idea or new product or service, you need a website to help you get the word out. But here’s the part that slows so many of us down. How do you choose the right domain name. If you’re feeling stuck or need some direction for how to choose your domain, here’s what we recommend.

1) Choose the most obvious name.

Let’s imagine your new product is a whiz of a kitchen blender. The obvious choice would be the name of the product. That’s not only easy to remember and share with others, but it’s likely to top search engines too. is taken

But as you might imagine, a generic or broad name is probably taken already.

2) Let your brand name inform your domain.

If you’ve already chosen a brand name for your product, service, or idea, that’s an easy choice for your domain – especially if it’s available. If not, you may want to consider tweaking the brand name slightly to get an exact match for your domain. image

3) Create a derivative name.

If you’re committed to a brand name that isn’t available as a domain or you want that generic name that isn’t available, start thinking about what words you can add to get to an available domain. Examples like “thebest…” or “my” or “your” or “the” could provide available options. is available

4) Choose a creative extension.

These days, there are so many extensions available that could allow you to get a generic or shorter name, with a creative ending. You are no longer limited by “.com,” “.biz” or “.net.” How about “.kitchen” or “.shop” or “.reviews.” Here’s a list of top level extensions to get you thinking.

How do I secure the domain?

There are lots of domain registrars. We recommend:

Please note, these websites do offer other services, such as hosting, but we are recommending them specifically for domain name registration.

Each of these services provide easy ways to look up domain names, to see what is available and to go ahead and purchase the ones you want. Domain registration is about the same cost anywhere you buy them. They are usually $10 – $15 for .coms. Other top level extensions can be more expensive.  

Domains are usually offered on an annual basis or longer cycles for a discount. If you’re entertaining a new idea and you aren’t sure how it’s going to work, you may want to do just one year. If you know you want a domain for longer and it’s established idea, you may want to choose one of those longer packages and save a little money.

Domain registration is generally pretty simple. However, if you are finding that it’s more than you want to handle or if you have questions about the best way to go about it, drop us a line. We love helping our clients get their ideas off the ground and onto the web.

And now that you have that domain, you need to build a website. Here are three ways to get that website built and our tips for the choosing the right one for you.

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