Making Your Clients Look Good

What do you see as your role as an agency? To serve your clients? To meet their immediate and long-term needs? To provide deliverables that improve your clients’ life, work or business?

What if reframed all that and simply argued that it’s your job to make your clients look good.

Whether you are building websites or creating specific technology products to accelerate marketing or sales, you are all about your client – and making them shine. Sometimes this might feel like behind the scenes work, but really it’s more than that.

Looking Ahead

It’s about being Proactive. As an agency, one of the best ways to make your clients look good is to help your clients avoid problems down the road. Not only does this help them shine and give them maximum value for your services, it gives them confidence in a long-term relationship with you.

Foreseeing the Problems

There are various paths you can take to helping your clients avoid problems. The most obvious is thorough service from the beginning, with follow-through and updates to keep your clients successful down the road.

Another way is to keep your clients, and potential clients, educated on the everyday issues they are experiencing. That’s one thing we try to do here on the blog, such as last week’s article about website updates. We try to see the problems our clients are experiencing and answer their questions, sometimes even before they ask them.

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Being Ready

While not everything we do is about sales, it is important for the sustainability of your agency that you always consider the next thing. What else can you help that client with? Whether they are on retainer or a single project, understanding what’s coming up for them can help you step in and offer your services as needed – and potentially save the day for the client. Ultimately, this makes them look great – and you look like the undercover superhero.

So whether you are bumping up your service offerings or restructuring your content around your clients’ long-term needs, think about how you can leverage your skills and knowledge to make them look good. In return, you’ll build organic word of mouth marketing and potentially some return business.

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Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash

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