Perspective on the Pandemic

Hi Friend,

It’s been quite a rollercoaster of a month since the President spoke from the Oval Office on March 11th, hasn’t it?

We can all remember that first week after the truth of this pandemic came to light. It was a shock. Every time we woke up, or turned the news on, something else was changing or closing. We were tossed about at every turn. Remote working, homeschooling, social distancing. This is how we live now. “A new normal.”

The next week, we tried to settle into our new normal, but settling didn’t come easily, did it? So much had changed and was still changing. It was an uphill climb. A daily pivoting and figuring out what would work best in family/friends life, business, and inside ourselves. All the while wondering how long and how big the impact will be.

The following week brought news of government stimulus and small business recovery opportunities. This created a lot of information coming at us fast (and still coming), but it came with some aspect of hope mixed with emotions (or maybe political angst). Which steps do we take next for our families, businesses, and community?

As April has settled in our new normal somehow feels more normal. Looking around, and speaking with friends and colleagues, I’m hearing a renewed vigor, tainted with a bit of exhaustion and anxiety. Are ready to dig deep, to make new opportunities, to push through and rise brighter? I want to believe so.

And yet, the unknowns remain, don’t they? The economic, the academic, the social, the schedules – when will it go back to “the real normal”? That may be a long road indeed: months or years?

With all of this mind I have a challenge for you: What steps are you taking to make the most of today, while preparing for tomorrow and the next year or years? Think of this from your personal, family, business, and community perspective. Control what you can control. That is how you can beat this pandemic. 

We all find ourselves searching for the bright spots. Renewed community connection is clearly one of those in this unique time. In that spirit, we’d love to help our communities (online, local, regional, and around the United States and world)…

We here at McNary Marketing & Design want to serve you as friends, professionally, and in our communities. Whether you are looking to pivot your business entirely, want to launch a new e-commerce platform, are shifting your sales focus to virtual marketing, or need help improving your remote working technology, we’re here for you and have expertise to help you in these uncertain times.

Book a time with me to talk about how you – and your ventures – are adapting. We are all on this path together – let’s help each other beat this pandemic. I look forward to it.

Your favorite Marketing Technologist,

P.S. Schedule a time at for a courtesy meeting. We can talk marketing, tech, remote work, pivots, or whatever will be of most value to you

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