Four Protips For Using Focusmate To Up Your Remote Working Game

One of the best things about the productivity app Focusmate is the simplicity of it. With just a couple clicks, you’ve got a powerful ally in your corner. If you haven’t yet, check out this quick article about how it works and how to make it work for you.

A quick overview

Focusmate works with blocks of 50 minutes and assigns you an accountability partner, from anywhere around the world. You both work on your tasks simultaneously and get a lot done with that accountability factor.

Taking Focusmate To The Next Level

I’ve been using Focusmate for about 10 months now and have picked up a few tricks. These might help you level up your Focusmate game, and hopefully get more done with the time you have each day.

1. Alarm Clock.

In the morning, when the alarm turns on, so do the excuses. So many reasons to hit the Snooze button and get some more sleep. One way to fight that is to schedule a Focusmate session right away in the morning. Give yourself enough time to grab a coffee and breakfast and then know that someone is waiting for you to get to work.

2. Reverse Alarm Clock. 

You know those things you tell yourself all day that you’re going to get done once everyone goes to bed and you can get back in your office? Those are also easy to put off and ignore. Flip the alarm clock concept and set up a Focusmate session for later in the evening. Knock out one more major task each day and start the next day fresh.

3. Stacking. 

Days without a lot of commitments can become a black hole, where the hours pass without getting much done. Those are the days I will stack Focusmate sessions back to back, sometimes up to five in a row. That gives me 5 hours of focused work, with 10 minute breaks at the end of each. And by the end of the day, I not only feel more accomplished, but have a number of tasks done to show for it.

4. Planned Tasks.

Don’t go into a session without a very specific task to focus on. Even make a list before your stacked sessions so you never go into a session without knowing exactly what you want to accomplish.

Bonus: Encouragement.

While this isn’t a productivity tip, it’s still important. When you met with your Focusmate mate, show interest in their work. Listen to what they are planning to do and leave with a kind comment, such as “Hope to see you again soon.” This not only keeps you within the community guidelines, but also keeps you engaged in the coworking environment.

Even after studying productivity for years, Focusmate has certainly upped my game. And I hope it helps you get more done as you crush your task list. If you ever want to chat about productivity, let’s do it.

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