How Can I Make the Best Use of Social Media?

Most people use social media to keep up to date with friends and family and to follow the news. But can social media be used for your business too?

You know from experience that social media has great potential for retail. From sales and coupons to new product announcements, you’ve surely seen the plethora of post options for retail businesses.

If you have a local based or entertainment brand, social media is made for you. With timely announcements and coupons, you can encourage local entertainment-seekers to choose you – and build a following of loyal fans.

If you’re a service-based brand or have a longer sales cycle, not conducive to coupon announcements, things may seem murkier. But social media can still be a great way to promote your message. In this case, you’ll want to think about content marketing and positioning yourself as a guru. Maybe you’re a doctor, lawyer, or computer consultant. Think about the kind of information your clients need and start posting about it.

Whether you are in retail, sell a service, or are a B2B business, you’ve likely wondered if social media is even worth your time. We say Yes, but it’s a matter of using that time smartly. Here are three keys to effective social media use.

Pick two or three.

The number of social media platforms grows by the day and it can be tempting to spread the word out on as many as you can. But this is where you will tire out and run out of time. Choose a few that make sense for your brand. Where does your target market hang out? If you’re service-based, maybe Facebook and LinkedIn. If you’re a photographer, definitely Instagram.

Have a game plan.

Consistency is key to growing your following and not losing steam as you move forward. Think about what’s going to give someone a reason to follow you. You can get as formal as an editorial calendar or as casual as a sticky note of ideas. Whatever you choose, be intentional, know why you are posting, and then keep at it.

Evaluate over time.

Check in with your stats. Are people following? Are they engaging with certain posts over others? More importantly, are you seeing results? Are gathering leads or making sales? This is how you’re really going to know what is worth your time and what you can leave behind.

Whether you’re launching a new brand or just reevaluating your use of time, getting to why behind your social media use for business is critical. Time is money, they say. So spend time with tasks that are driving toward your goals, rather than away from them. Come connect with us on your favorite platform.

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

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