How Do I Create More Content for my Blog?

You’ve heard us, and others, talk about the importance of valuable content on your website. To remain relevant to search engines and attract those looking for your business, you need to generate blog posts. But with all the tasks that pile up every day, who has the time to create content that engages and educates your customer base? If you’re feeling lost, now’s a good time to step back and evaluate your content strategy.

Consider Your Why

Are you really connecting with your customers with your content? Although blog posts are important for SEO, they are even more important for empowering customers. These days marketing is more about aligning your content with their desires and needs, rather than just selling at them. Your content should not be an afterthought, but an integrated part of your overall marketing strategy.

Maybe Writing Isn’t For You

We get it. Everyone is so busy these days and for some, writing just doesn’t flow easily. If you’re struggling to get your ideas out there, we recommend working with a contractor. We have found this to be an effective way to create quality content, for our business and our clients’. We recommend meeting regularly with your contractor. You can work together to create an editorial calendar and they can interview you about the topics, so you can ensure accurate information and consistent voice.

How Do You Leverage That Content?

Once you’ve invested, either time or money, in creating quality content for your customers, how do you make sure they get access to it? Ensure that you are sending it out on your social media channels and newsletters. And don’t forget actually mention your content to others. When you are networking or meeting with others, look for natural opportunities to share the articles you’ve created. Help those who would benefit from your content actually find it.

Content should be a key component to  your overall marketing technology strategy, but it only works if you actually get the writing done. Once you determine what kind of content best supports your marketing plan, find a way to get it written and get it out to the world. If you need help figuring out what kind of content your website needs, check out our free Web Content Worksheet and other freebies.

Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash

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