How Can I Get More from My E-Newsletter List?

Now that you’ve built your email newsletter list, how are you making the most of it? Even if you’re sending a regular email, there are probably even more things you can do with that list to boost your marketing efforts. Whether you’re not sure where to start or just need some inspiration, here are some tips for taking your e-newsletter list to the next level.

Regular Content

We highly recommend you send at least one email a month, full of valuable content. These should not just be selling a product or announcing company updates. They should be providing your readers with engaging, interesting, and/or educational information.

Already got that in place? Now let’s look at what else you can do.

Evaluate Your Strategy

Take a look at your marketing strategy and see how email newsletters can support it. How can you use e-news to get the word out about your message?

  • How are you connecting with those who sign up? Do you send a welcome email? How about a series of welcome emails, to tell them more about your story and add insights?
  • If you’re capturing emails after a sale, how are you following up? More than asking for a review, you could add value with a video how-to or other information to help new customers make best use of your product or service.
  • If you get a lot of cold emails or contacts through your sphere of influence, do you ask them to join your email list? You can send them to your opt-in or lead generator or tell them about your newsletter and ask if they are interested.

Consider The Technology

Dig into the available opportunities offered through your email provider. Whether you use Mailchimp, Emma, Constant Contact, or another popular option, there are so many technologies you may not be employing. Many have the ability to send automated emails based on data or analytics connected to your website, such as an abandoned cart reminder. Different emails could be triggered by various activities connected to your. Make sure to review the options and consider how you can use them.

With so many new integrations becoming available to the average user of e-newsletter providers, the options are nearly limitless. Get creative and consider how you can better serve new and prospective customers with emails they will be delighted to receive. If you need help with implementing your ideas or want to talk more about marketing technology strategy, drop us a line.

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