Social Media Tactics for E-Commerce

As we’ve talked about e-commerce, we’ve mentioned many different ways to drive people to your store. This is one of the key components to online selling success. You have to have a strategy in place to bring people to your website, before they will be able to buy from you. One of the best ways to do this is to engage with social media platforms.

As we recommended with paid ads, start small with social media as well. You don’t need to be everywhere at once, and the reality is you can’t be. Choose 2-3 social media platforms where your customers are likely to be hanging out and focus your energy there.

How To Market On Social Media

There are basically three ways to market your e-commerce store on social media. A good strategy involves a mixture of these three. As you are developing your social strategy, keep in mind the ultimate goal – to drive traffic. Social media is a distribution method, a way to get your message out there.

1) Position Yourself as an Expert

Social media is a great place to showcase your expertise in your industry and with your product. Share images, videos, articles and more than expound on that expertise. Educate your potential customer base.

2) Engage with Customers

The ability to actually engage with real people is the heart of social media. Look through hashtag threads or in groups for people who need your product and help them solve their problem. Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean just giving them a link to your product. Share valuable information. Give away your expertise. Help them solve a problem right now … and gain their trust for later sales.

3) Sell

This is the one you’ve been waiting for. Make sure you have links to your shop readily available on your profile or in your posts. Share interesting photos and videos of your product being made and customer successes. Provide discounts and coupon codes to entice them to buy now.

But How Do I Get Followers?

Let’s take a step back and remember that people have the choice whether or not to follow your page or profile on a social media account. Give them a good reason to follow you by providing value. Putting out great content that your customers actually care about and do so consistently. Give them a reason to tell their friends. Keep it personal. If your brand isn’t naturally associated with one person, create a social media persona. (Think of the King of Burger King.) If you’re generous and personable, over time your followers will grow.

One Click Away

At the end of the day, try not to get caught up in the numbers. This isn’t about volume, but value. Remember that every person who engages with you is potentially a click away from buying. Create offers, infographics and opportunities they care about – and make it easy to get to your e-commerce store. 

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Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

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