What Pages Do I Need on my Website?

Every business needs a website. Sometimes we say, “If you don’t have a website, you don’t exist.” Obviously some businesses, especially local ones, can make money without a website, but a website lends credibility and helps people find you. Needing a website is analogous to needing to be in the Yellow Pages back in the day. It’s the starting point for people being able to locate and contact you. As you are building that website, here are basics you need to have, depending on the type of website you need.

Bare Minimum

If you are just pulling a website together to validate your business and make it searchable online, a very simple website will do. This is the kind of DIY website you can likely put together yourself. The three most basic pages you need are, as follows:

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  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • Contact Page


On an extremely simple, concise website, you could even have all of these on one page. Just be sure those elements are all there.

Content Destination

When we meet with clients, we often encourage them to use their website as a marketing engine. This requires having content that educates and informs your target market. In this case, you will want to add, at least, the following pages:

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  • Services or Product Description Page
  • More Information About Staff or Company Credentials
  • Blog Section with Articles or Updates


Sales Driver

Sometimes it makes sense to use your website to host marketing campaigns or to generate sales. Whether you are building a newsletter base or are selling products online, your website can be a key component in your long-term growth goals. For this, you may want to add the following pages:

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  • Downloads or Freebies Page
  • E-Commerce Page
  • Courses or Online Learning Page
  • Landing Pages for Specific Products


When we talk with clients about their websites, we generally ask them to give us a big picture overview of everything they would like to accomplish with their website. Then we work together to hone in on what they actually need and what will help them work toward their goals. Want to talk about your new website? Contact us anytime.

Does your website need a fresh start? Here are some great, simple ways to begin.

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