Analytics to Track Website Traffic in Your Online Store

Analytics is key to perceiving the value of any web project. Whether you are building an online store or creating a marketing campaign, knowing how well it is performing is the only way to know if your efforts are worth it. (Want to dive in even more? Grab our Google Analytics freebie.) How to Set [...]

Growing Your E-Commerce Shop With Referrals and Affiliates

Referrals and affiliates can be a great way to increase your sales and grow your customer base. They empower your loyal customers to share what they love about what you’re selling - and make some money or earn rewards for doing so. Word of mouth marketing is often touted as one of the most powerful [...]

Which E-Commerce Plugin Should I Use for My WordPress Website?

Have you been thinking about selling online? There are a number of simple ways to get started. We talked recently about all the options you have for online sales platforms. If you already have a WordPress website or are planning to use WordPress for your online shop website, you’ll need a plugin to get started. [...]

What’s The Right E-Commerce Platform For Me?

Have you considered selling online? Whether you’ve tried it before or are new to the experience, the e-commerce options available can be overwhelming. We tend to break down the myriad of choices into three distinct groups, depending on your needs. (And if you're new to this, click here for the 3 things you need in place [...]

What is Website Hosting?

If you are new to launching your website or just aren’t as well-versed in website development lingo, you may be confused by this term “hosting.” Where is your website “hosted”? Or what “host” do you use? What It’s Not It gets confusing because often domain and hosting services are provided by the same company - [...]

My Website is in Need of an Update… Where Do I Start?

When’s the last time you freshened up your website? Periodically, your website needs to be updated - from both a visual and content perspective. If it’s been three years or more since you made significant changes to your website, it’s probably time. In fact, we recommend a website audit every year. Technical Details Web technology [...]

How Do We Do This On WordPress?

We love working with WordPress because of the customizable opportunities that exist for our clients and the websites we build. If you’ve been wishing your website could do more to support your sales and marketing goals, we have good news - there’s probably a plugin for that, as they say. Here are our recommendations for [...]

New Way to Edit Your WordPress Site – Coming Soon

If your website is built using WordPress, you need to know about Gutenberg – a new editor platform being developed by the WordPress open-source team... Currently a plugin available only to users, it will soon be rolling out as the default editing interface for all WordPress users. What makes Gutenberg different? The current editing [...]

Keep your WordPress site safe: Do these quick things today

Boost your WordPress site’s security now to prevent massive headache later No one wants to think about hackers, server crashes, security breaches or simply dumb user errors that can endanger your website. But if you’ve put the time into building your online presence on WordPress, it’s worth taking the time to protect it. WordPress is usually very […]

Analytics 201: Three tips to get more from your data

It’s time to go beyond pageviews. One of the most useful aspects of digital marketing is the ability to learn about your potential customers through data. If you create an ad in print (flyer, newspaper, etc.), you have no way to know how many people saw it or whether they gave it more than a […]