What You Should Know About Fake Google Business Listings

We hate to be the bearer of more “fake” news, so to speak. After talking about deepfakes a couple weeks ago, we read the news about fake business accounts on Google Maps, as uncovered by the Wall Street Journal. The report mentioned that there could be as many as 11 million fake listings on Google [...]

Coordinating Workflow with Contractors

The key to working well with contractors is to keep the workflow moving smoothly. Over the years, we have partnered with a number of contractors that we trust, allowing us to offer a wide range of services for our clients. We have talked before about the strategies we employ to effectively work with them, but [...]

What You Need to Know About GoogleMyBusiness

Have you googled your business lately? How do the results show up? Are they accurate and up to date? Are they helping people find you, and ultimately driving sales? Or are they distracting or misleading? GoogleMyBusiness is a platform, provided by Google, to let you claim and modify your listings associated with Google searches. You [...]

How Do You Get Paid for Strategy, and Other Services to Your Expertise?

Whether you are just launching a consulting or freelance business or are trying to expand your services, it’s easy to look at others and wonder “how do they get paid for that service?” Maybe you’ve heard the advice that you need to value your time, that you’re worth more than you’re charging, and that you [...]

Is Our Site Up to Snuff with 2019 Best Practices?

As we are starting a new year and you are evaluating your new plans for marketing, it may be time to take a look at your website. When was the last time you gave it an overhaul? Even if it was only a couple years ago, it may need a few adjustments to ensure you [...]

Preparing Your Business For A Disaster

In the wake of disasters, whether forecasted or not, a lot of focus is put on personal preparedness. But do you have a disaster plan for your business? Putting systems into place and thinking ahead can instill confidence in the face of any catastrophe. I’ll cross that bridge when I get there The statistics regarding [...]

Successfully Planning a Corporate Guest Speaker Event

Lately, Joshua has been asked to speak at a number of engagements, including conferences and workshops, as well as company hosted events that benefit either the company staff or a segment of their customer or client base. These speaker events present an interesting opportunity for businesses to bring value, education, and real-time content to their […]

How to take a vacation like a boss

Life as a leader in your organization can include some long nights and weekends – even if you’re proactive about finding the balance between work and life, as we try to be here at McNary Marketing and Design. In those moments, you might feel like you need a vacation more than ever – and at […]

Q+A: Annex Analytics on using data in your business

The term “big data” is everywhere - but do you know how to apply it to your business? One Eastern Iowa company hopes to help fellow business owners. Annex Analytics is Peggy Stover, Fortune 500 veteran of companies that include Kellogg’s, SC Johnson Wax, Kraft and Coors Brewing and a lecturer at the UI Tippie [...]

Thanksgiving #MarketingTechnology playlist

For the past few years, Joshua has enjoyed being a guest on WMT600AM radio, where he gets the chance to chat with host Doug Wagner and his morning show audience about all the latest developments in marketing technology. While the discussion often centers around the news of the day, the underlying themes and trends aren’t […]