Deepfakes and the Future of Marketing Technology

What is a deepfake? Well, it’s not the informant in this summer’s best-selling thrilling mystery. It’s the manipulation of media, including videos, using machine learning and artificial intelligence. Bad actors can pretty easily “fake” a video making you think it is very real. You can see some past examples here. It’s becoming a problem (or [...]

“New Tech Trends of 2019” radio appearance on WMT600AM

On January 7, 2019 Joshua made an appearance on WMT600AM news radio out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Joshua talked about new tech trends of 2019. He has been a guest on Doug Wagner's show several times. The audio is now online incase you missed it. You can listen to it via the embed below or you can [...]

Closing the Loop: Making Google Analytics Work for You

First, do you have Google Analytics set up on your website? If not, take a moment to go read up on how to do that here or here. The process is relatively simple. However, if it’s beyond your ability or time bandwidth, we would be happy to talk with you about how we can set [...]

Artificial Intelligence Tools for Your Small Business

Last month, we talked about how marketing has evolved into artificial intelligence. From billboards and ads talking at a customer to engaging experiences that learn from a customer. This month, we are diving a bit deeper in the tools and methods we’re already seeing, using AI to engage in real-time with customers. We will also [...]

Why We Base Our Tech Company in the Midwest

When you think about technology, innovation, commerce, and digital communication, there are probably a number of communities - on either coast - that come to mind. Big cities, bustling streets, and larger populations. What do you think of when you think of Iowa, here in the heart of the Midwest? Are you picturing farms, country [...]

From Ads to AI: How Did Marketing Get Here

In January, we shared some information about 2018 trends in the marketing technology arena. Among them, artificial intelligence (AI) tends to dominate the conversation, because that technology pervades so many of the new tools and techniques we are seeing in the business world. So many new concepts are harnessing the power of AI to connect [...]

How to take a vacation like a boss

Life as a leader in your organization can include some long nights and weekends – even if you’re proactive about finding the balance between work and life, as we try to be here at McNary Marketing and Design. In those moments, you might feel like you need a vacation more than ever – and at […]

Keep your WordPress site safe: Do these quick things today

Boost your WordPress site’s security now to prevent massive headache later No one wants to think about hackers, server crashes, security breaches or simply dumb user errors that can endanger your website. But if you’ve put the time into building your online presence on WordPress, it’s worth taking the time to protect it. WordPress is usually very […]

Tech tools to start 2017 off right

It’s a new year, so the season for dreaming, goal setting and planning is upon us. As productivity geeks, we love charting out a vision, identifying tasks and ultimately, checking them off the list. Of course, many of the memorable successes in any given year come from the people we surround ourselves with, the opportunities […]

Thanksgiving #MarketingTechnology playlist

For the past few years, Joshua has enjoyed being a guest on WMT600AM radio, where he gets the chance to chat with host Doug Wagner and his morning show audience about all the latest developments in marketing technology. While the discussion often centers around the news of the day, the underlying themes and trends aren’t […]