What Pages Do I Need on my Website?

Every business needs a website. Sometimes we say, “If you don’t have a website, you don’t exist.” Obviously some businesses, especially local ones, can make money without a website, but a website lends credibility and helps people find you. Needing a website is analogous to needing to be in the Yellow Pages back in the [...]

How Do I Use My E-Commerce Store?

We’ve talked a lot about the details behind building an e-commerce store, including the different tools and platforms. These articles should give you the framework to get started in actually putting together this store you’ve been thinking about and planning. (Click here to explore the whole e-commerce series and learn more about those details.) Get To [...]

What Should I Post on my Blog?

We have talked before about the importance of content marketing. Educating your customer base builds trust and allows you to develop a kind of relationship leading to sales and conversion. People want to be informed before they make a transaction. Whether they are buying a car or a widget at the store, or need someone [...]

How Can I Make the Best Use of Social Media?

Most people use social media to keep up to date with friends and family and to follow the news. But can social media be used for your business too? You know from experience that social media has great potential for retail. From sales and coupons to new product announcements, you’ve surely seen the plethora of [...]

How Do I Create More Content for my Blog?

You’ve heard us, and others, talk about the importance of valuable content on your website. To remain relevant to search engines and attract those looking for your business, you need to generate blog posts. But with all the tasks that pile up every day, who has the time to create content that engages and educates [...]

Changing Strategies as Seasons Change

With the temperatures just starting to cool off, it’s hard to think about the end of the year, but the fourth quarter starts in only a matter of days. How is your business planning to make the most of this last quarter of 2018? Are you prepared to make this the best quarter yet? Tapping [...]

Connecting with Customers Through Quality Content

Recently, we discussed the importance of engaging your audience with content. Content includes all the writing you use for your brand and marketing - across all platforms. This may be as small as your business card or as detailed as a technical page on your website. Here at McNary Marketing, we value quality and compelling [...]

Digital Marketing Trends in 2016 – 1/28/16

WMT Morning Show with Doug Wagner – WMT600AM (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) Listen to me appear on the WMT Morning show speaking with Doug Wagner about Digital Marketing Trends in 2016. TRANSCRIPT Announcer: It’s a quarter to seven here at Broadcast Park. Welcoming Joshua McNary to the telephone lines. He’s a digital marketing technologist. He’s the founder and President, […]